With over thirty (30) years of experience in the Pressing & Finishing Machine Industry, United Press wanted to provide our customers with pressing machines of the highest value and quality. We wanted a machine that was durable, easy to maintain with little or no maintenance required, but keeping the prices at its lowest possible. That is how our new United  Pressing Machine line became one of the most competitive pressing machines on the market.

We have now over a hundred employed professional workers making sure that United Press upholds our level of high standards and maintaining optimal customer satisfaction. We come to you with years of perfected technology and experience. Our teams have gathered together to produce an improved design that promised to increase the efficiency of the pressing operation. Efficiency is the key to developing the best level of man and machine power. Our machines allow a better combination of the two elements to achieve faster productivity.

Our warehouse conveniently located on the East coast of the United States, we can promise you a huge selection with high stock availability. While most company requires four to six weeks to deliver, we can get it to you in a week or less.

We will continue to establish and maintain our high standards while empowering innovation and improvements to every aspect of our company from our pressing machines to our own management and operations teams to bring our customer more competitive products to come. We will continue to produce machines that are cost efficient as well as productivity efficient. Our machines require very little man power to generate quality garments and finish every time.

Not only do we expect high standards in our products, we uphold high standards within our company. We value individual efficiency as well as good team work and spirit to meet organizational goals. Each individual level of perfection contributes to the whole Goldman experience and its principles. We humbly value our professional workers?devotion to always meeting and exceeding our expectations and contributing to customer satisfaction.

Our commitment to our ideals and principles allows us to meet the customer's needs and demands. It is apparent that we are dedicated to perfecting every aspect of our company and becoming one of the top leading companies in the Pressing & Finishing Machine Industry. We are thankful for your support and patronage, and we hope to continue on making you more than satisfied in our pressing machines.

We thank you for visiting our website and please contact us for any questions or further information.

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