UD42M (UPX-42) Utility Press
UD42M (UPX-42) Utility Press UD42M (UPX-42) Utility Press

This Utility Press model UD42M standard head steam press is well built, durable and simple to use with minimum maintenance. The light and smooth actions allow the operator to operate it more efficiently to increase productivity.
This superbly built model UD42M along  with its attractive price make a great choice for every owner who is looking for an upgrade or to expand his shop. It is also ideal for a fresh start business with completely new installation in the trade.
United Press model UD42M  utility press includes  the following standard features:
  • 42 inch standard aluminum head
  • Cast iron frame constrution
  • Cast aluminum head for lightness and ease of  operation
  • Heave duty cast iron buck for durability Wide head opening
  • Oil-less Y-piece roller bearing provides smoother operation and reduces wear
 Height of buck-padded  40"
 Lenght of buck-unpadded  42"
 Width of buck-unpadded  12 1/4"
 Width of machine  55"
 Depth of machine  47 1/2"
 Steam inlet  1/2" NPT
 Steam outlet  1/2 NPT
 Vacuum outlet  1 1/4" NPT
 Steam pressure  125 PSI
 Air pressure  80 PSI
 Net weight  682 LBS
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