United Press Inc. products are guaranteed for a period of five (5) years from date of original purchase which includes the frame, head and buck of the presses. All other parts are guaranteed for a period of two (2) year. The United Press Inc. will replace free of charge any parts there of which proves to be defective in material of workmanship within two (2) year from date of original purchase.

This warranty shall be voided in the case of misuse or negligence of the equipment and does not include any labor cost or other related costs including, but not limited to shipping, handling, etc. Damages incurred in transit from United Press  Inc. to the customer are not cover in this warranty.

Any defects should be brought to the attention of the United Press distributor from whom it was purchased, who will be authorized to arrange for repairs or replacement within the term of this procedure. If this procedure is impracticable, please contact United Press Inc. direct.

United Press Inc. will not assume any expense or liability for repairs made outside our warehouse unless authorization has been made for such repairs by the United Press Inc. in writing.

Any correspondence with the factory concerning your United Press product should mention the model number and the serial number of the press. This information is stamped on the name plate, which is attached on the side of the machine.

United Press Inc. reserves the right to improve, modify, or change the design of any piece of equipment anytime without being held liable for making said improvement, modification, or change on any piece of previously sold equipment.

This warranty is not transferable to any subsequent owner. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied, and no other person or entity is authorized to make warranties in respect to United Press products.

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