UD47A (ULCP-47) Legger Press (Full Automatic)
UD47A (ULCP-47) Legger Press (Full Automatic) UD47A (ULCP-47) Legger Press (Full Automatic)

Designed for the garment industry, UD47A combines the characteristic of UD47 and the features of computer board. Simple design, easy control and predominant capability make it the perfect choice for garment industry.

  • Computer fully automatic operation. 
  • Standard stainless steel table, panel and iron stand.
  • Two hand operation, alarm protected
  • Programmable for automatic and manual operation. 
  • Steady capability, reliability and perfect funtion  
  • Durable control board features waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrupt

All of these features and its secure alarm signal, then add our product experience for decades. UD47A will bring you the most return in a safe and efficient enviroment.


 Height of buck-padded  41"
 Height of buck-padded  44"
 Width of buck-unpadded  18 1/2"
 Width of machine  62 1/2"
 Depth of machine  42 1/4"
 Steam inlet  1/2" NPT
 Steam outlet  1/2" NPT
 Vacuum outlet  1 1/4" NPT
 Voltage/Hertz/Phase  AC 24V
 Steam pressure  125 PSI
 Air pressure  80 PSI
 Net weight  816 PSI
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