UL32 (UHS-32) Lay-Down Bosom and Body Press
UL32 (UHS-32) Lay-Down Bosom and Body Press UL32 (UHS-32) Lay-Down Bosom and Body Press

Designed to give all type of shirts a superior finish, this unit is packed with high-perfomance features. Such as cut outs in the buck corners to prevent wrinkles in the shoulder and  underarm area. and a pivoting head that provides even pressure over the entire garment, giving this press unsurpassed versatility in finishing shirts of all styles and fablics.

Looking for an easy-to-use press? the head on this unit opens toward the rear, permitting fast easy garment dressing and removal. Radiant heat is directed down onto the buck not out toward the operator. And the highly polished stainless steel head transfers heat evenly to provide a professional finish every time. 

The well-padded buck is made of wool, flannel pads and a tough cloth cover. This cushioning prevents button breakage while permitting a uniform press of the seams and placket. 

  • Computer control, alarm protected
  • Two hand operation
  • Smooth and steady operation
 Height of buck-padded  40"
 Lenght of buck-unpadded  30"
 Width of buck-unpadded  14"
 Width of machine  36 1/4"
 Depth of machine  42 1/4"
 Steam inlet  1/2" NPT
 Steam outlet  1/2" NPT
 Vacuum outlet  1 1/4" NPT
 Voltage/Hertz/Phase  AC 24V
 Steam pressure  125 PSI
 Air pressure  80 PSI
 Net weight  613 LBS
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