UL54 (UHL-54H) Laundry Press (Hot Head)
UL54 (UHL-54H) Laundry Press (Hot Head) UL54 (UHL-54H) Laundry Press (Hot Head)

This 54" Laundry Press is perfect for large area of flat fabric. Featuring a extra-long buck provides professional finishing to tablecloths, sheets, aprons,smocks robes and it does so with unprecedented speed and ease.

United Press model UL54 Laundry Press Includes the following standard features:

  • Standard stainless steel table and panel.
  • Timer operated, alarm protected
  • Two hand operation
  • A dual hydraulic check cushion head
  • Extra large rectangular color-coded buttons
  • Two separate aluminum cylinders, one to close the head and another to apply pressure
  • Firmly padded buck made of steel wool, two flannel pads
 Height of buck-padded  41"
 Lenght of buck-unpadded  54"
Width of buck-unpadded  19"
  Width of machine  61"
  Depth of machine  44"
  Steam inlet  1/2" NPT
  Steam outlet  1/2" NPT
  Vacuum outlet  1 1/4" NPT
  Voltage/Hertz/Phase  AC 24V
  Steam pressure  125 PSI
  Air pressure  80 PSI
 Net weight  815 LBS
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