a. Improper setting OF shock absorber arm. Fig.5.Remove nut and lock washer from stud, then pull rod end to the left and off the stud, a Let the rod hang out of the rear of the press. Close head of press. if the head closes ompletely the problem is in adjustment of connecting rod. NOTE: WHEN CLOSING PRESS WITHOUT CONNECTING ROD ATTACHED BETWEEN "Y" PIECE AND THE SHOCK; THE HEAD WILL SIAM CLOSED WITH A TREMENDOUS NOISE. If head closed, now loosen jam nuts at both ends of connecting rod, nscrew rod out of ball joint to 11/2"complete turns, retighten bottom jam nut against ball joint, now unscrew rod end 2 complete turns off of connecting rod, retighten jam nut against rod end. Replace rod end on stud and replace lock washer and nut. Make sure nut is tightened securely. Test closing of press.

b. Readjust shock absorber Fig. 5 loosen jam nut on "z" screw and turn screw in counterclockwise direction. etighten jam nut on "z" screw when adjustment is completed.

c. If head did not close completely when testing step 1, the closing cylinder piston may be bottoming within the ylinder before the head contacts the buck, Fig.1. On right hand side of press frame locate adjusting slot, loosen olt from stud and gently tap bolt head in the slot toward rear of the machine. Move about of and inch, retighten bolt nd test closing.

d. If press still does not close completely adjust the closing cylinder rod out of its clevis Fig.1. Loosen jam nut on iston rod, insert a round piece of metal into the adjusting hole in the rod and unscrew from the clevis pproximately turns. Retighten jam nut and test closing.

e. If press still does not close adjust the high pressure cylinder out of its clevis. Loosen jam nut insert metal rod nto the adjusting hole on piston rod, unscrew rod approximately 11/2"turns away from clevis. Retighten jam nut and test closing.

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