A preventive maintenance program will increase the life of a press while reducing operating costs. Check the following points monthly and lubricate as required.

a. shock absorber (requires "SAE6' oil)See section C-4before adding oil

    b. cylinder piston rods(light machine oil)

c. bearings and pivot shafts (light machine oil)


Depending on the model, the head pressing surface may be a polished casting requiring no grid plate, or standard tight fitting grid plate.

    A grid plate should have a wire screen insert fitted within the plate. The grid plate should be care-fully fitted and adjusted to follow the contour of the head. The springs on both ends should hold a standard grid plate snug against the head.

    If "shine" is a severe problem duck or moleskin cover and flannel should be used instead of an aluminum grid plate.


    Clean east aluminum heads with "Glass Wax", use mild soap and water on girl plates. Depending on use, heads should be cleaned approximately weekly. Use a soft cotton rag and be careful not to scratch the pressing surface.


Depending on the particular model buck, the padding may be a spring pad, a rubber pad, or built up padding of cotton, flannel and cover. The buck padding should be cleaned and inspected weekly, Hard. Burned, powdery, worn or uneven padding should be replaced.

    When replacing buck padding us identical padding to the original factoryinstallation. Care should be taken to tighten cover strings and attach strings with the head down, to hold the padding in place. Open the head, smooth wrinkles and draw strings tight. Tie securely and tuck under edges.


The shock absorber should be checked monthly for proper oil level. Refer to Fig .5. Loosen pipe plug on top of shock and check oil supply. Caution: Use only non-detergent oil .Other oils will "foam" and affect the shock operation. Manually close and open head filling, to allow oil to properly fill both sides. Replace pipe plug before operating press.

    Head "slamming" in  either  direction  is an  indication of low oil.


The air filter on air supply line should be cleaned weekly. See manufacturers recommendations for units nstalled in line. For filters installed on the press. Loosen the petcock on the bottom and drain. Allow air to blow out any sediment. Every 3 months remove filter element and inspectl. A clogged filter

element will restrict air flow and  slow the operation. Replace element.

    CAUTION: Never operate press without filter element. This can cause severe problems with the "Finish-Rite" control unit.

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