Remove press from shipping container and locate with approximately 24" clearance all around. This will simplify maintenance and adjustments when necessary. Position press with illumination from either side, not the front or back level the press so that it is stable and cannot rock or vibrate. Cedar shingles make excellent wedge type shims. The press can be bolted to the floor with 3/8" diameter X 2" long lag screws. Four holes are provided in the press base. When shipped the press is blocked in a closed position. Remove shipping wrapping from the buck and press the head down manually. Carefully remove block and allow the head to open.



1) Piping

The 1/2" steam inlet pipe, on the right side of the press, should be connected to the steam sup-ply line with a pressure regulator, globe valve and a union near the press.  Be sure connection to the main is off the top. Pitch all supply lines upward to the press; this allows condensation to drain back to the boiler.

The 1/2" steam return pipe, on the left side of the press, should be connected through a Y strainer to a 1/2" bucket trap and a by-pass line with 1/2" globe valve. This trap should discharge into a vented receiving tank of a condensation return system. A common return line for several presses is recommended, providing each press is trapped individually. A defective trap would only affect one press, while a common trap on the main line would affect all the presses on the line.


    2) Steam Supply PH Limits

    The steam  supply  to the  press must  be maintained  at a  PH level  of 7.5    0.5 to assure  good life of  aluminum and  steel  construction  Heads and  Bucks. Failure to control PH can result in premature failure of units. Aluminum is seriously attacked by high PH solutions and steel is seriously effected by PH valves below7.0.



The air or steam vacuum valve is usually located on the left side of the press.

    Connect the air vacuum valve to vacuum unit header with 11/4" pipe. A union as near the valve as possible will aid in servicing the valve when required.

    If the vacuum unit is servicing more than one press, check the manufacturers recommendations for the number of presses and pipe sizes. The vacuum unit should provide a minimum of 2.8 inches of mercury of vacuum for each press per operation.

    The steam vacuum valve should be connected with 11/4" pipe to a 20 gallon discharge tank or outside atmosphere. Elbows should be avoided as they will restrict steam flow and reduce vacuum. The discharge end, or tank inlet, should be pitched at least 3" lower than the vacuum valve, to allow condensation to drain. A discharge tank must be vented and have a drain valve. Depending upon usage, the tank will have to be drained several times daily.

    A proportionately larger discharge tank and a common vacuum line can be used for several presses providing that a 11/4" check valve is installed as near the press as possible. The arrow on the check valve must point in the direction oft the steam flow.


The press should be supplied with clean, dry, regulated air. A regulator set at 80 pounds must be installed in the line to each press or at least in header.  It is highly recommended that an after cooler and air dryer be installed on the main header. Galvanized pipe will also reduce valve and cylinder maintenance. The usual connection is a 3/8" pipe on the lower right side (Check decal on the press).

    Generally the compressor should be 3/4 H.p.  for each press,  but the press requirements vary depending on the size  of the high pressure  cylinder. The following guide is offered;

     4" dia. requires 0.75 cubic feet per minute.

     6" dia. requires 1.27 cubic feet per minute.

  8" dia. requires 2.28 cubic feet per minute.

    Be careful not to starve the press, as it will slow the operation.

    Press models with Finish-Rite" control units must have a filter in the air supply line.

    The filter element should be at least a 40 micro inch capacity.

    Do not operate "Finish-Rite" controllde presses without a filter.

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