UD19 (UMM-19) Mushroom Press
UD19 (UMM-19) Mushroom Press UD19 (UMM-19) Mushroom Press

UD19 mushroom press is great for pants top, small garments and shirt touch-ups.

This model with its convex oval shape also perform exceptionally well on ladies slacks, which are narrower at the waist and wider at the hips.

Two separate cylinder one to close head and the other to apply pressure keep the efficiency of each one at maximum for the longest time . shield for steam hose assures can upgrade the security.

  • Timer operated.
  • Two hand operation
  • Rectangular color-coded buttons allow your operation much easier.

  • Smooth operation.

 Height of buck-padded  40"
 Lenght of buck-unpadded  21"
Width of buck-unpadded  10 1/2"
 Width of machine  36 1/4"
 Depth of machine  42 1/4"
 Steam inlet  1/2" NPT
 Steam outlet  1/2" NPT
 Vacuum outlet  1 1/4" NPT
 Voltage/Hertz/Phase  AC 24V
 Steam pressure  125 PSI
 Air pressure  80 PSI
 Net weight  573 LBS
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