(a) Presses with no timers or only a release timer.

1. Make sure the head steam petcock is in an open position. Note: handle of this valve should be in line with he valve to be fully open.

2. See Fig.4.Remove connecting pin between head steam valve and valve clevis. Manually operate valve. If valve is sticky or does not operate properly, repair or replace.

3. Remove the tubing from the tank valve. This valve is painted red. Operate press and check if a short burst of air comes from this loosened tubing. If there is no air see step No.6.If there is air, see step No.4.

4. If air was felt when performing step No.3.replace the loosened tubing, then locate the needle timing valve. Remove the hex head adjusting needle and again operate press. A strong short burst of air should be felt from where the adjusting needle was removed. If no air comes from the hole where the timing needle was removed problem is a bad tank valve painted red. Remove and replace.

5. If steps No.1,2,3,&4 check out properly, the problem is a faulty head steam cylinder. Remove from machine and check for worn piston cup, etc. Repair or replace.

(b) Presses with 2,3 or 4 timers.

1. Make sure petcock is open and valve for full air flow.

2. See Fig.4. Remove connecting pin from head steam valve and valve clevis. Manually test the head valve. If valve is sticky or does not operate properly, repair of replace valve.

3. If sponging steam does not come on and press cannot go into high pressed, the problem is that no air is coming from port "A" on the closing cylinder. See Fig.6.Locate closing cylinder and piston rod jam nut. Loosen jam nut, then insert a small metal tod into adjusting hole and screw the rod into the clevis of a turn. Test press and check for sponging head steam actuation. Repeat if necessary. Retghten jam nut before operating press on production.

4. If after attempting to adjust as described in step. No.3 head steam still does not come on, port "A" on closing cylinder is clogged. Remove tubing from this port and clean the tiny hole in the cylinder wall with a small wire or pin. Replace tubing and test press.

5. Timer operated head steam does not come on.

    a. Check off/on switch. Make sure switch is in "on" position.

    b. Have a competent electrician check wiring, and individual

      components, especially the steam solenoid. Replace faulty components.

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