1. Main springs may be too loose. See Fig.3.Locate spring adjusting stud, loosen jam nut turn in adjusting screw several full turns. Retighten jam nuts. Test press.

    2. The exhaust holes in the air mufflers may be clogged. Remove from press, disassemble and clean out.

    3. Shock absorber on left hand side Fig.5.May be checking too quickly. Loosen jam nut on the left hand adjusting screw "Y". Turn the adjusting screw out in a counterclockwise direction about 2 full turns. Test press. Note: Retighten jam nut after final adjustment.

    4. See Fig.1.With head in open position remove nut and lockwasher; loose jam nut away from rodend. Remove rod end from stud, screw rod end approximately 2 full turns further on to connecting tod. Remove rod end on stud, tighten jam nut, replace lockwasher and retighten mut. Test press.

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