When the press will close but not go into high pressure after high pressure handle is depressed, it is generally the fault of extra thick padding on the buck; or the "Finish-Rite" control is set at too lowed pressure.

    1. Set "Finish-Rite" control to "High", the press.

    2. Locate high pressure valve on "Y" piece. Loosen tubing nut and remove that comes from port "A" on the closing cylinder. Close press, there should be a steady flow of air coming from the loosened tubing. If there is no air coming from the tubing below for a adjustment. If air does come from the tubing when press is held closed, open the press and replace the loosened tubing. Remove the tubing from the opposite side of the valve and again close the press. With press closed actuate the high pressure handle; with high pressure handle held closed there should be a strong steady supply of air coming from valve where tubing was removed. If air is present tor next check. If no air comes from the valve check to see if the adjustable stud on high pressure is contacting and actuating the high pressure valve. Adjust stud if necessary and test press. If after checking the valve as listed above there is still no high pressure. the valve is defective replace or repair.

    3. Adjustment of closing cylinder so that port "A" will supply air to high pressure valve. See Fig.4.Locate closing cylinder loosen jam nut. Insert a bar of metal into the adjusting hole and screw cylinder piston rod into clevis half a turn. Test press. If press does not go into high pressure repeat the above operation, test after each turn of piston. As soon as press will go into high pressure tighten jam nut.

    4. Defective high pressure valve. Replace or repair or repair. See Section D for repair.

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